Monday, June 1, 2009

Your Daily Egg....What's filling your head?

What's filling your head?: "What's Filling Your Head?

You haven't probably really though much about it, but the everyday things your exposed to can really change how your feeling.

Do you read the paper, watch the news, listen to terrible stories? I found that I am just not able to handle these things. I would be exposed to a terrible story and it would stick with me for weeks. Nevermind if it was a TV Movie and the woman had a terrible illness, I worried that I now had all of those symptoms too.

You really have to look and see what you are allowing into your mind while you are healing. There will come a day when it doesn't bother you as much. For now, you may not know when it's going to rain, just carry an umbrella all the time. :)

Right now try to skim the headlines and try to resist the urge to read the entire story. If someone is telling you of a super sad story that you know will bother you, kindly make an excuse to remove yourself from the conversation. And NO medical websites! These only lead to more problems that you don't have.

Happy TV, Happy Movies, Happy Websites. Lots of things in our minds are negative, we need all of the positivity we can.

Hope this is a good week! I am always a click away if you need a boost.

Wishing you all the best,