Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rattle your Cage

I have been talking with a few of our peeps and we were talking about how to really get started.
I know what worked best for me was to get really fed up, really angry. I knew that I was not going to live this way one more day! I was not going to let this define me & I was not going to miss out on all of life's experiences. Life is too short and this is my one shot.

I knew that no one could change my mind. I wanted to get my body in the best shape so my mind could heal & that is exactly what happened. I worked on fueling my body with food, hydrating with good clean water, supporting with supplements, strengthen with exercise, and change my thinking with positive thoughts, gratitude & focus.

I focused on little else. I was completely focused on my healing. I used & still do a visualization chart. I have it posted on my closet door with images from magazines that represented what I wanted to become. I have a large smile, a toned body, happy family, and a stream for peace. Every morning I look at the images before I crawl out of bed and give thanks for each one. During the time that was darkest for me I would say thank you for each one as if I already had it. It focused my mind ahead of where I was. I would no longer wallow in what was wrong but focus on what would become. Every time my mind would shift to the negative I would replace it with stories of what was to become. It is all a mind game.

It's not easy & doesn't change overnight, but the rewards are huge! Make sure you read today's Peep story about Giovanna below. She is starting to put herself first & it is paying off. It starts coming quick when you put the effort in & Rattle Your Cage.

Scream, yell, hit the pillow - be mad that you have to go through this. Then picture yourself strong, happy & FREE! Tomorrow is the first day towards your goal. You will have bad days along the way, but just keep your eyes focused.

I am always here if you need me. Drop me a note anytime!

Wishing you a peaceful day,

A Word from our Peep

Hi Amy,

Last weekend for Easter, I went to visit an art museum and they were having an exhibit on John Lennon and Yoko Ono and the theme was Peace. There were papers that one could write a message on and then you can hang it on a tree that was placed in the middle of one of their display rooms. I felt very touched being there. It felt like a sanctuary. I was wishing that John Lennon was still around. I guess his spirit was there. Tonight is my second class of the singing for beginner's class and we all have to sing a song individually. I chose the song from the 70's band, Edison Lighthouse called, "love grows where my Rosemary goes." I love that song and it always lifts my spirit. I play it on youtube sometimes. I'm still taking my bath with the epsom salts along with several drops od Lavender essential oil. It is very soothing. Oh, I also went shopping in Burlington, Vermont on Saturday with an organized group. The people are so friendly too over there. I also went to the "Body shop" and bought a facial cleanser and toner that contain Tea Tree Oil. I went with my mother and we were both very tired by the end of the day. We arrived home at around 9:00pm. It is only a one day trip. Vermont is only a couple of hours away from Montreal.

By the way, I won $10.00 from playing the lottery. I know it isn't much but the fact that I won means something to me. I guess I am not as unlucky as I thought. Perhaps praying and doing affirmations for prosperity is paying off. At least it helps me to believe that anything can be possible. Faith and hope are important to have if one wants good things to come into one's life.

Take Care,

***Amy Here: I am so proud of her. A few months ago she was really having a hard time. Now she has decided that she didn't want to continue living the way she was. She has made great changes and is receiving big rewards. She put herself on the list! Way to go Giovanna! Sounds like the crackling of Egg Shells to me! :) Make sure you celebrate all the small victories too.
Quote of the Day

Thanks to Peep Giovanna for today's quote!
"Don't wait for your ship to come in.
Row out to meet it" -unknown