Monday, January 5, 2009

Looking Toward the New Year!

9. The Sky is Falling!
Happy New Year!!! As we look at the new year we need to focus on a few things if we really want to heal this next year. Get ready to leave the panic and anxiety behind!
Don't get overwhelmed - Don't work on everything at once these are only things to keep in the back of your mind! One Step at a Time.

No News, Is Good News!
In this information age we are bombarded by the daily news. Whether it's a drunken celebrity, global warming or a drug bust it just seems all around us.It took a hard look at my daily life to realize that I had to be cautious but not on the look out for a careening car, kidnapper, or runaway train. A 30 minute segment on the nightly news will have you thinking that these are all around you. Not to mention the hottest new disease, which by the way you have all the symptoms. Add an hour of CSI and that sounds like a panic attack just lurking in the wings.

Now maybe your thinking that you can handle all of this information streaming at you 24/7. I personally just can't handle it. It really messes with my head.I have found the best way to combat all the information is I give myself 2 minutes to read the headlines on CNN a day. I don't open sad stories or really gross ones. If I need to know world events I only allow myself to skim the article. No sad You Tube videos about illness, or disaster stories. I like to find a website that will inspire happy, creative thoughts.Take a break, turn on a classic TV show & laugh for a half hour. You'll feel so much better.

Want to feel better? Commit to happiness & peace. Download the Daily Healing Journal in the Egg Printables to help you keep you on track.

Wishing you peaceful thoughts today,

Quote of the Day

"We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read."Abraham Lincoln

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wildheart4vr said...

This is also good advice for those who suffer from depression. If you watch enough of the depressing news about the economy, wars, crime etc it will feed your depression. Another reason I only tune into my local news about twice a week. I don't even read the newspaper because more times than not there is always something depressing on the front page.

By the way I commend you on your determination to overcome your anxiety on your own without medication. Glad I got to follow you over on Twitter.