Saturday, July 11, 2009

Exercise Can Be Addictive

Studies have shown that people who exercise reguarly for six months or more actually have physical reactions if the exercise pattern is slowed.

I have had more physical issues this last month with increased stress, tense shoulders, aches and pains & just feeling crummy. That's not like me & I was in such great shape this last year. Time to move myself back to the front, no more excuses!

As most of you know I have relied heavily on exercise in my healing. I was not an athelete before my panic started and I don't really consider myself one now. However, I did learn that exercise is so important to my well being. It's a great time for me to escape. Believe it or not I am able to mentally relax while I workout. I now really love it.

The last few months life has been hectic & I seemed to be tied to a desk chair more that usual. I have not been able to make it to the gym hardly at all. I purchased some home DVDs with the thought that I would get up before the family & get my workout in. I hate to admit it but I am not a morning person. I can also talk myself out of anything and that alarm probably has the snooze button worn out by now. The days that I did get up - my computer was calling and my mind was on everything else I needed to do. I admit it - I cannot workout at home. The money for the gym is well spent, it is an investment in my health.

I joined a gym that is closer to work and home & I printed the exercise plan that you can download too from our site. I have made my plan to work out 5 days a week.

Have you made an exercise plan? It is so important to your well being. Start slow & make a goal. Walk/Run a 5K, tone up, just feel better - whatever your goal is.

Some of the benefits of exercise are really amazing & we all really need them!

·Exercise will increase Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphins.

· Research has shown that as little as eight minutes of exercise can reduce anxious feelings & reduce sadness.

· Will increase energy & stimulate the relaxation response in the body.

· Exercise can regulate sleeping patterns and reduce insomnia.

· Researchers at Duke University studied people suffering from depression for 4 months and found that 60% of the participants who exercised for 30 minutes three times a week overcame their depression without using antidepressant medication. Same percentage as those who only used medication.

Join me for a run? I will be back at the gym at doing my intervals. Let me know what kind of exercise works for you!

I am always here for you if you need a shoulder to lean on, have questions or someone to celebrate with.

Wishing you a peaceful day,

Quote of the Day

"A journey of 1,000 miles must begin with one step." ~ Ancient Chinese Proverb