Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Centered

What does "being centered" mean to you? What image does it bring to mind? For me I see a woman in a yoga pose able to relax and be perfectly still.

Though all of the anxiety, panic, depression & stress that is one thing that I never felt - centered. I think off- balanced is a good term. The big question is how to achieve that.

A great start is to make your health your hobby. Get really excited about the idea of feeling better.

Some great ideas to help you feel a little more centered are:
· Take up yoga
· Work on your breathing exercises
· Listen to meditation CDS
· Take a walk daily, just enjoy your surroundings
· Exercise, get those chemicals flowing
· Eliminate the sugar and caffeine from your diet - no more diet related roller coasters
· Journal
· Read - Inspirational or Daily Devotionals

Remember how important you are. Once you make small changes - you will start to see big improvements.

Wishing you all the best,