Sunday, April 12, 2009

Steps to Freedom:Simplify

Steps to Freedom:

This week we are looking at the Steps to Freedom. Don't get overwhelmed. Follow The Daily Healing Journal and it will all be done for you.

The first few steps are all about healing your body. If your body is not strong, how can you expect your mind to be? It all works together. Remember this is all about getting you in the best shape physically & mentally. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Get it Together

Think about your day. Do you spend lots of time looking for keys, your phone, or anything else? How could you simplify your life to make it run smoother & less stressful?

I have found that routines are really a blessing to my day. I start with a list in the morning with the things that are not normally in my day. I have placed my bills on mostly auto-pilot & use cash for other expenses. Living on a budget means no surprises! Plan meals the weekend before so I don't have to drive-thru for dinner.

Now you don't want your life to be so organized that the excitement and spontaneity is gone. Just less stressful. Less stress means you can focus on your healing.

Looking for some help getting it together?
Check out these great sites:
For Routines:
For Dinner Ideas:
How to Handle Money:

I love to have my life on Auto-Pilot!

--------------------------------------------------------------------Have you printed out the sheets for the daily healing journal? Find a great binder, one from the Garage is fine. Dust it off & let's get started. I am right here with you! Don't worry.

1st page of your Binder should be The Contract for Freedom. Have you signed one yet? You can find that one here.
Here is the link for the Healing Journal. Don't want to waste ink & paper? We have them bundled up for you in the Egg Shop & they are ready to ship to you today. Each book contains 31 sheets for the month.

Make sure to read Your Daily Egg each night this week as we look at the Steps to Freedom.

Keep me posted on how you are feeling or if you have any questions. I love hearing from you!

Wishing you a peaceful day,