Sunday, March 29, 2009

Making Your Health a Hobby

I think the best advice my husband ever told me was to make my health a hobby. I think after he said that he probably regretted it, because being "the Mom" it didn't only include me - it included the whole family.

After lots of searching and trying lots of different things, I was desperate to find relief. I think the key that really broke everything loose was putting all of the methods together & really having faith they they were the "solution". The amazing thing was they were.

Not only did these steps put me in physically the best shape of my life, they put me in the best mental shape of my life. It was all about making that commitment & knowing I deserved it.

I have told the story many times of a friend that I sat next to in church one Sunday. She bragged about the fact that she never did anything for herself. No time off, no haircuts, hand-me-down clothes, and a single pair of shoes. The sad thing was that she and her husband could afford it. She choose to be miserable, depressed, and resentful. She believed that it made her a better person. All I saw was a sad, depressed woman. That day I decided I was not going to be able to do anything for my family if I didn't take care of myself. And what was I teaching my children abut being an adult? I wanted to be happy for my kids & a great wife for my husband, but I had to "fix" myself first. That day I moved Amy to the top of the list.

Strong Body, Strong Mind became my motto & my new hobby & transformation begun.

Ready to start your transformation? Ready to move yourself to the top of that list & be the person your family & friends need. How about just doing it for you?

This week we will be looking at the elements of this hobby. It's not hard, it's not overwhelming. Just decide that you are worth it!

Make sure you have printed out the sheets for the daily healing journal. Enough for a few days to start. Find a great binder, one from the Garage is fine. Dust it off & let's get started. I am right here with you! Don't worry.

1st page of your Binder should be The Contract for Freedom. Have you signed one yet? You can find that one here.

Here is the link for the Healing Journal. Don't want to waste ink & paper? We have them bundled up for you in the Egg Shop & they are ready to ship to you today. Each book contains 31 sheets for the month.

Make sure to read Your Daily Egg each night this week as we look at the Steps to Freedom.

Keep me posted on how you are feeling or if you have any questions. I love hearing from you!

Wishing you a peaceful day,

Quote of the Day

"I can only think of one thing greater than being happy and that is to help another to be happy, too." -Jim Thomson