Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let it Go!

This week has been the test of patience for me. I had my hard drive crash, ouch. It was a little devastating and did not help my stress factor at all. I found myself getting obsessed about fixing it. I could not think about anything else. I tried my visualization & baby step techniques. Nothing worked. I have a backup, but it is 3 months old. So 3 months of work lost.

Yesterday I decided that it was not worth the energy I was giving to it & I needed a lesson in walking away. So I had a little mourning period for my dead Hard Drive and I moved on.

In a month it will just be a story.

It's a great lesson to not let things get to you. Don't carry around all the days baggage. You get to choose how you will handle the situation. I could still be sitting over that Hard Drive crying. Let it go, imagine that your mind can truly live in the moment!

Wishing you peaceful thoughts,